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Institutional Trading PDF : What is

Here is a free course on institutional trading so you can learn all about this type of trading which is very effective.

Institutional Trader

The market does not move randomly, there are institutions and people behind the operations of each market, institutional trading is a way to understand the meaning of the market by analyzing how the big players who move a lot of money, the so-called Market Makers and where are the liquidity zones and many other things.

Institutional trading is based on the interpretation of the traces left by the IPDA interbank algorithm, which executes orders in the market to deliver liquidity to the price in an efficient way, completely manipulating the market and that we can learn to use it to enter in the direction in which they pressure the market.

In order to fully understand movements outside of technical analysis caused by external factors, we must learn to differentiate between the different manipulators, which would be :

False breakout or False breakout

The false breakout or false breakout is a movement that comes out of the technical analysis due to the manipulation of any of the entities mentioned above and that leads to jump to the stop loss of many buyers or sellers in the case of the following image. This also allows them to take liquidity and take advantage of the buy orders that are executed after the breakout of the previous ceiling.

Swing High

The highest part of a fractal composed of 3 candlesticks

1 upward and two downward candlesticks

By means of swing high and swing low we can detect bullish and bearish movements within the upper fractals of the trend, for example within a consolidation, these formations can be exstir in the resistances and supports, which would allow us to make operations within the consolidation zone of the asset.

Low High

Institutional Trading

Swing Low

The top of a fractal composed of 3 candlesticks

1 down candle and two up candlesticks

Trading Institucional

Institutional trading prices

Institutional prices refer to the prices at which large institutions place their buy and sell positions.

Institutional trading course pdf

Institutional trading books

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Institutional Trading

Institutional Trading

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Trading Institucional


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