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In this article we will tell you with evidence and facts all the truth, complete information about this investment company and digital business, we will also tell you about its owners Andreas Szakacs, Dilawer Singh and Mike Sims so you can analyze if the company is real and make the best decision if you are thinking of investing in Omegapro.

omp money

What is Omegapro

To solve all your doubts we will go point by point explaining details about the company:

omp money

What is Omegapro and Omp Money bank and what does it offer to its customers:

Omegapro is a digital investment company in the area of trading in the forex market that has been operating since October 2018, is the investment area of OMP MONEY bank and offers return on your investment between 9 to 11% per month making compound interest day after day for up to 16 months.

Optional business career:

There is also the optional possibility to create a digital marketing business with a referral plan and teamwork that gives you the opportunity to earn from 100 to 15,000 dollars a week, this seems too much, but let’s see in this article more details. At the end you can find a complete video about the payment plan.

Investment capitals range from US$100 to US$50,000, which can be withdrawn at any time by the investor, with the penalty of a 30% fee for withdrawal before the 16-month term.

(Considering that banks do not allow withdrawals for time deposits, we find it quite good).

Omp Money – Omegapro is regulated

The company uses the FCA-regulated activtrades broker in the UK for its operations.

OMP MONEY Bank is also regulated by the highest financial authority.


In addition to this the company owns a UK recognized banking institution such as O MP MONEY and complies with AEMI digital money management licenses where you can even have access to a bank account in London.

This is the official video of the launch of the OMP-Money website on the official OmegaPro channel at


One place where we can find information about the company is in the magazine

Which is the most important business portal that highlights companies that are doing business on the Internet.

What you have to do is to search for OMEGAPRO and you will find all the articles related to the company.

Another magazine where you can find more information about the company is:

omp money

Official and serious business page where you will find some important things:

omp money
omp money

Omegapro is the first company in this business model to have a bank and is fully regulated.

Who are the owners of Omegapro?

Within Omegapro’s corporate group we can find 3 main exponents, below I will tell you about each one of them in detail:

omp money

Omegapro’s corporate team has already been recognized in business portals, its accounts are audited and you can view them directly from your backoffice.

I’ll tell you a little more about the owners of Omegapro:

Juan Carlos Reynoso:

General Manager for Latin America, has experience in the financial and corporate sector, and has served twice as director of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce.

He has been invited 2 times to the White House in the USA for being one of the most commercial leaders in Latin America.
Visit his website and get more information about him:

omp money

In this picture is Juan Carlos Reynoso in a meeting held at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Minister Mercedes Araoz, agreed with the directors of the Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey USA (USPCC) to work in a coordinated and articulated manner in order to promote and strengthen the entry of Peruvian products to the U.S. market, as well as investments in our country by Peruvians living in North America.

Dilawer singh:

He is a co-founder with experience in creating high performance teams nominated in Forbes India magazine.

El es Co fundador con experiencia en creacion de quipos de alto rendimiento nominado en la revista Forbes India

omp money

Link article:

Andrea Szakacs:

He is the CEO, is the corporate and administrative head of the company, was nominated in Forbes India magazine on its cover as one of the most influential men in digital business of recent times and lately recognized for the Financial Ace he has brought about with Omegapro and OMP Money.

omp money

Andreas Szakacs CEO of OMEGA PRO with David Barclay CEO of BARCLAYS BANK


Publication in forbes magazine:

omp money

Mike Sims:

He is a high level speaker and lecturer. He has been invited 12 times to Go Pro which is the largest network marketing event in the industry.
He has shared the stage with:

You can check their website

omp money

How to invest with Omegapro :

To start investing in the company you must have a capital, so you must choose the one that best fits your pocket so that the company can work it in the forex market.

Forex is the world’s largest market for all currencies and moves more than 6.6 trillion dollars a day.

omp money

The company makes compound interest on your money, which means this. They work your money with the earnings day by day without withdrawing it, in fact, this investment model is exactly the same as the one used by banks.

This way they can give you up to 300% of your money if you do not withdraw it until 16 months.

You can also withdraw monthly and still get 60% of your investment plus your capital.

Here is an example of a 10,000 dollar account

omp money
omp money
omp money

The investment recommendation is to make the decision to withdraw at 7 months and at 15 or 16 months, why? Because at 7 months you have already generated 100% of your investment and therefore at the remaining 9 months you will generate 100% more of your capital.

Omegapro is such a transparent company that they let you know exactly how much they earn.

In your platform you can see how much % of profit they make on all the capital they manage.

omp money

If you do an analysis and look at the 225% that omegapro earned in 2019, if you divide that by 12, that tells me that the company earned 18.75% in forex.

They pay us a maximum of 11% per month, which means that they are earning over 7 figures and that allows them perfectly to pay their customers.

So far you can see that Omegapro is a sustainable company over time. This is legitimate information from reliable websites that have great prestige in the area.

How is the Omegapro referral system:

The omegapro commission model is completely optional and you can generate earnings through referrals and create a system that works through organizations.

Direct sales: You earn 7% for the pack you refer.

Binary System: Bonus where points are accumulated in a binary and where you are paid 10% of the points your organization invoices.

Leadership Pool: In three billing levels you can access this pool that pays 1% of everything the company bills.

Trading wallet: 30% of the commissions generated by your binary system is kept in a trading wallet that earns 10% per month for 12 months.

In addition to all this the company delivers:

Mackbooks, rank trips, watches and cars as compensation for people who decide to make a career and increase the company’s turnover. As I was saying, this is totally optional, but we are in front of a legal institution that puts in front the numbers that I have shown you and that anyone can enter to see them. So why not increase your income with these forms of profit.

I also leave you this video with all the information I just told you and more about the omegapro compensation plan:

Now that you know that this is a legal, real opportunity that is already allowing many ordinary people to benefit from this market, what are you waiting for to be part of it, here is a surprise that will help you a lot to get started.


Other questions about Omegapro:

How does OmegaPro make money?

OmegaPro works with regulated traders, each of them uses their own unique trading strategies and they are located in different countries around the world. If you wish you can simply view and monitor trading results through the Omega Pro platform.

What are OmegaPro’s trading styles?

What generally determines the different styles traders use is the length of time they intend to be in a specific trade and, in some cases, the frequency of the number of trades. OmegaPro traders are characterized by using three specific trading techniques: Trend Trading, Scalp Tradin and Swing Trading:

What is the cost to join Omega Pro?

The cost to join is actually free for the basic membership.

The free membership even offers the possibility of earning money, but is limited to earning only $150 in monthly residuals.

However, you can join as an affiliate member and take full advantage of the compensation plan and ROI by starting with a business package.

The investment to become a full commission qualified affiliate member will be an initial investment of $29 and then at least a $100 cost.

There are several investment levels you can join, which are:

*Figures in U.S. dollars.

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